Exclusive home for the Iowa high school boys state championships.


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Broadcast Coverage Details

NBC Sports Chicago is the new exclusive home for IHSSN.com state football, wrestling and boys basketball state semifinal and championship games.  NBC Sports Chicago is a sports regional service that reaches 4.3 million households throughout Iowa, Illinois and Indiana with Chicago Bulls, Blackhawks, Cubs, White Sox and college and high school games. All Iowa high school games are produced in high definition by IHSSN.com and will air live on NBC Sports Chicago and on NBC Sports Chicago+, and will be streamed live on IHSSN.com and nbcsports.com/chicago/.  Visit our Live Streaming page for live streaming.
The below points will give you a better understanding of how you can watch or live stream these playoff games in Iowa, Indiana and Illinois.
  1. You MUST be a cable or a satellite subscriber, with NBC Sports Chicago (NBCSCH) in your package, in order to watch or live stream IHSAA state football, wrestling and boys basketball state semifinal and championship games produced by IHSSN.com.  If you do not have NBC Sports Chicago (NBCSCH) as part of your subscription package you will not be able to watch or stream live these games.
  2. The live stream of the games can be accessed through IHSSN.com or nbcsports.com/chicago.  If you live within the viewing territory of NBCSCH, the live stream of the games is an authenticated stream which means you must sign in and verify that NBCSCH is part of your cable or satellite line-up in order to watch it.  If is not part of your channel line-up OR you do not have cable or satellite service you will not be able to access the live stream of these games.
  3. NBCSCH is available on many cable affiliates as well as DirecTV and DISH throughout the state of Iowa.  If your cable provider does not currently offer NBCSCH as part of your subscription plan please contact them directly and ask them to add this channel.  Your provider is always interested in your program preferences and opinions.
  4. If you have any questions, please contact NBCSCH at iowahsfootball@nbcuni.com for more information.
  5. Streaming outside of Iowa, Indiana or Illinois can still be accessed at ihssnlivestream.com.

How to Live Stream on NBC Sports Chicago