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The Changing Landscape of Television


The landscape of television providers is changing rapidly. Gone are the days when consumers had only three choices… over the air, the local cable provider and one of two satellite providers. The emergence of Over the Top (OTT) or internet television is changing the way consumers can select their provider. Streaming of television, particularly live sports, is quickly emerging as the fastest growing form of live sports consumption. More than 1.7 million people watched this year’s Super Bowl by streaming the game on line. The 2016 Summer Olympics saw more than 17.9 million stream the Olympic Games.
The OTT method of streaming now means more than just watching on a mobile device or on your computer. Beginning in 2016, OTT allowed consumers to stream TV content directly to their flat screen television. In addition to the normal IHSSN television broadcasts and live streaming, CSN Chicago is now currently offered in five different OTT packages that are available to Iowa residents:

Direct TV Now - Sling TV (Dish) - Play Station Vue - Fubo TV - YouTube Television

It is estimated that in the next six months, at least four additional providers will be coming to the market, offering Iowa residents even more choices for television:


Hulu - Century Link - Google TV - Apple TV


So what does this mean for Iowa residents?  It means choice… options that were never before available are now at your fingertips. It means Iowa residents will have multiple internet choices for the television package.  It means residents in more rural areas will no longer have only the three choices for TV… instead they will have a variety of television providers to choose from.

It means that Iowa residents can now choose OTT services and no longer have to get a satellite dish in their yard.  It means Iowa residents will now be offered content when they want it and how they want it.






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